Robotics & Automation

Hotels, Catering & Events

If I have learned one thing in my hotel career, it is: "Systematics". Nothing works without a “System”. Everything in the hotel has to be pre-planned, planned and post-planned. Examples are: events, arrival and departure of guests, restaurant processes, room cleaning, room service. Everything has a "System". In the upscale hotel industry, we work with certain “Standards” that are adhered to at all times of the day, at all times of the year and by every employee. This means that employees have to be trained very often in order to meet the expectations of guests / customers and to adhere to the "System" and the "Standards".

Times change thnigs (we are happy about that!). And so do the work process and working conditions. I see great opportunities in the hotel industry, gastronomy and tourism to further expand and improve service, communication and our services here. First came the machines, then the online boom and e-commerce trend and now it is absolutely normal to shop, place orders or make transfers with an app. All of this is possible because other industries have reacted more quickly and recognized future trends. We in the hotel industry should therefore not ask ourselves the question “How can we get by without robotics and automation”? rather, “How can we improve our service offering with robotics and automation? I think this is the future. What we are currently experiencing in relation to “digitization” is just a foretaste. If we look to Asia and into the future, we can get a bigger picture of what the world will actually look like. In terms of robotics and automation, the theory says “anything is possible”. However, I would rather say “a lot is possible” and a lot can be improved or optimized through robotics and automation. Examples are:

  • Service on hotel floors
  • Restaurant service
  • Rooming Service
  • Information Service
  • Check-In / Check-Out
  • Logistics in the hotel (goods)
  • Housekeeping on hotel floors

I am aware that the subject of “robotics and automation” is a gray area in the hotel industry. The hotel industry lives from friendly employees, a smile, team spirit, community, people's business, love, emotions, friendliness…. Yes, that's how I got to know the hotel industry back then... #hotelfritz