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Johannes Fritz Groebler

Herzlich willkommen bei Hotel Fritz – Johannes Fritz Groebler. As a hotel specialist with 20 years of professional experience in the hotel industry in different countries, cities, and regions, I find it very exciting to provide consulting assistance during hotel planning, construction, reconstruction, or operating hotels. During my hotel career, I opened and managed many hotel properties, and this is how the idea of #hotelfritz came about. You will receive concrete, practice-oriented hotel consulting services as well as a well-founded concept. My strategies are based on my own experiences as a passionate host, hotelier, and hotel manager and not just on gray theory. My extensive consulting services are available to companies in the following hotel segments: luxury hotels, boutique hotels, design hotels, private hotels, family businesses, country houses, castle hotels, boarding houses, apartments, studio hotels, business hotels, event hotels, theme hotels, and the holiday hotel industry..

In a free initial meeting, we would get to know each other and I will get an idea of your hotel or concept and your current situation. Then, you decide to what extent you would like to make use of my competent advisory services and specific assistance, which I provide personally or together with a large network of reliable partners. The main areas of focus are sales, marketing, hotel concepts, operating costs, personnel, and hotel management.

Johannes Fritz Groebler

Hotel Consulting

Johannes Fritz Groebler

For me, working in the hospitality industry is not just a job, it is a calling. The hotel industry is my personal “Style of Life”; where else are many groups of guests, cultures, personalities, and creativity brought together every day? This happens in a design-oriented hotel, a good bar, a trendy restaurant, or a hip event area. The hotel and catering industry connects people and stories. And that is why I love my calling. Working in a hotel is my passion.

I see myself not only as a hotel advisor and consulting agent but also as a passionate host, colleague, and partner. Starting with an idea in the hotel industry through the analysis to the concrete implementation, I can plan, accompany, implement, and control various steps. I work with various service providers and partners to accelerate processes and constantly optimize them. Whether it’s web designers, interior designers, recruiters, kitchen and catering planners, marketing agencies, press contacts, or hotel and catering outfitters, I can offer you a fully developed hotel and marketing network. This is what Hotel Fritz is all about. #hotelfritz.


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You can reach me here 0049 (O) 162 851 6036


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Johannes Fritz Groebler
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