Sales & Distribution

Hotel sales for more revenue

Yes. I love sales! Sales was always one of my strengths in all of the projects and concepts that I was allowed to oversee. Customer acquisition, telephone marketing, customer visits, sales trips, representation, events, and presentations at trade fairs - exactly my profession. Whether classic sales activities such as sales calls, sales trips, trade fair visits, roadshows, customer loyalty programs, and customer events or digital sales campaigns.

In the digital world, sales and representation are more important than ever. Every hotel should have a clear sales strategy. I support you in sales in segments: #hotelfritz

Hotel sales segments:

  • Corporate sales (corporate customers)
  • Leisure sales (leisure travelers - vacations - holidays - weekenders)
  • Entertainment (music, shows, fashion, culture)
  • MICE sales (meetings, incentives, conferences, events, catering, trade fairs, congresses)
  • Digital sales (online advertising, advertisements, social media)
Prices & Consulting Fees