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Branding means the development of your brand. Regardless of whether it is a company, association, private person, hotel, or restaurant, it is my goal that your brand will be remembered. And for this, I create a unique visual appearance: corporate design. It encompasses the uniform appearance of your company, hotel, restaurant, or event location. The main goal of branding is to differentiate one's own services and products from the offerings of competitors and to associate them with specific messages and emotions. Furthermore, to differentiate yourself from competitors and noticeably differentiate yourself from your competitors through your own products or services. I will help you design the meaningful and appropriate company logo, design letter and business papers, advertising materials, products and work, or service clothing. I give the corporate design in your company, hotel, restaurant, or event location a character. No matter what industry you are in, be it a company, hotel, restaurant, or event location, or how big your company is, the competition is tougher today than ever before. Are you looking for a company name or brand name that works? Or do you have an existing brand and would like a redesign? Or have you taken over a company and would like to improve and renew the image of the brand? I can help you. #hotelfritz

I create brands in the hotel and catering industry. Whether it’s a luxury hotel, boutique hotel, design hotel, budget hotel, guesthouse, holiday apartment, restaurant, bistro, catering, event location, bar, or club. My ideas are contemporary, trendy, and yet timeless.

In the beginning, there should be a precise brand analysis and a review of the legal conditions and requirements. Based on this, a brand is developed that fits the concept, design, environment, location, and of course the property, person, and team. The brand suggestions, wishes, and suggestions are coordinated in advance. All branding topics can be mapped and processed directly with partners: name, logo, outdoor advertising, business cards, stationery, brochures, print media, and marketing. From the idea to implementation.