Hotel Room Rates

Hotel pricing policy & pricing structure

Determining hotel room rates that are in line with the market can be challenging. A second independent, neutral opinion and evaluation can therefore have advantages. My advice is aimed at an analysis of the market and the competitive situation and takes into account your cost and sales structure, which may require adjustments. This is where your sales strategy and your hotel marketing come into play again because the prerequisite for making a profit is to continuously ensure sufficient room occupancy. You will receive specific advice and help from me in creating a reliable price structure and necessary price adjustments in the course of the year or in the event of specific events. Crisis situations place particularly high demands on flexibility and require special adjustments in operational management. You will also receive sufficient support from me with this.

Do you need a new, successful pricing structure? Or would you like to check room prices and pricing policy? I can help you with that. Consulting hotel & gastronomy - Johannes Fritz Groebler #hotelfritz

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