Hotel Management

100% based on hotel practice

Covid-19 has permanently changed the hotel industry and gastronomy - both in the short term and in the long term. Is your company well positioned for the future? Is your concept ready for the future? I will help you with your current challenges. I optimize work processes, profitability (income/expenses), staffing, sales, marketing, and creative concepts for the hotel and catering industry. I speak 100% from practice. Hotel consulting or hotel management is a broad term. Hardly any other industry is so extensive and includes a wide variety of areas, departments, structures, segments, and customer profiles. Maybe I can help? Whether a new hotel concept, concept expansion, concept change, hotel planning phase, restructuring, hotel renovation, or a new opening. From the concept idea to the analysis and implementation, I can prepare, plan, implement and control processes. Always in consultation and exchange with you and with the involvement of hotel specialists and technical experts such as designers, interior decorators, fire protection planners, specialist planners, and architects.

Before the hotel planning begins, the concept should be checked for profitability. Here, core points should be considered:

  • Hotel sales and search for investors
  • Business plan
  • Change of operator and acquisition of operators
  • Market, location, and development analysis
  • Competitor analysis (identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)
  • Hotel and F&B concept review
  • Definition and elaboration of the unique selling propositions
  • Customer analysis
  • Business mix (product policy, price policy, communication policy, and distribution policy)
  • Budget planning, budget preparation, and analysis
  • Advice on investment decisions
  • Personnel structure and team

Advice on the continuity of reliable management The hotel management must continuously ensure that operations run smoothly. In the case of an upcoming management change, hotel sale, or takeover, it is important to ensure an equivalent interim management in advance. I can offer you good support with the partners from my network. I also advise you on hotel management coaching and budget planning. Should your company run into difficulties, I will also give you instructions for promising turnaround management.

Hotel segments: luxury hotels, boutique hotels, private hotels, design hotels, country houses, castle hotels, boarding houses, apartments, studio hotels, theme hotels, holiday hotels, and many more. hello@hotelfritz.com