Hotel Controlling

Costs & Expenses

As an entrepreneur in the hotel or restaurant business, controlling is inevitable. We not only earn money in sales but also in purchasing. In the hotel as well as in the gastronomy, the controlling includes all departments: from the procurement of goods (e.g. amenities, laundry, paper, newspapers, water, electricity, goods) to operations, i.e., the assessment of the organizational and work processes internally in the hotel and in gastronomy (housekeeping operations, gastronomy departments, service, kitchen, restaurant, bar, storage, inventory) through personnel deployment (all departments such as reservations, sales & marketing, reception, concierge, host, back office, housekeeping, technology, F&B departments, service, Kitchen) to accounting (incoming payments, outgoing payments, liquidity, work processes in accounting). And this is exactly where the controlling challenge for the hotel and catering industry lies. Johannes Fritz Groebler - Consulting Hotel & Gastronomy #hotelfritz