Brand positioning

Marketing in the hotel and catering industry is an area that has grown enormously in importance in recent years - especially online. It is not only a challenge to create a hotel or catering concept but also to market it successfully. Because a concept without marketing is only half a concept. Under marketing, I bundle topics that influence the brand's outward impact. Such as: social media, web design, mobile web design, e-commerce, search engine optimization, online advertising, PR, press work, promotions, domain management, online campaigns, videos, photoshoots, clips, promotions, marketing, advertising, newsletters, communication, bookability, digital topics, merchandising and print media such as brochures, business cards, stationery, in-house magazines, and much more. All of this is an essential factor for your economic success. Do you need marketing support? I can be reached here personally: jg@hotelfritz.com

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