Deisgn, Art, Style & Concepts

Bringing your ideas and vision to action

Yes, I love art, design, and style. I really enjoy drawing and creating and have won various awards for creativity. But more importantly, I understand the industry. I understand the hotel industry and gastronomy and have learned hotel and gastronomy from the bottom up. I, therefore, know how to connect a logo with a company, product, or service and to address the exact target group for your success.

Having a good idea is the first step. Second, you probably have a picture in your head, a first idea, a vision. And put this idea in drawings on paper and summarize the whole thing with pictures, additions, creativity, and emotions in drawings; make them visible and tangible. This is exactly where I can help. Soak up your ideas and implement them into a concept. Renderings, drawings, art, and design - this is where my know-how lies. Here I can fully contribute my inner creativity.

For example, I can draw interiors and provide pictures with possible colors, materials, and furniture. This is supplemented with sample images. With the first drawings, your ideas can be put onto paper before an interior designer carries out the detailed planning and holistic design. We take into account the overall concept, property, location, and, above all, lifestyle and personal ideas.

When it comes to hotels, restaurants, or event locations, I am happy to advise and cater to all special needs. I bring hotel living style, gastronomy experience, colors, materials, and functionality into harmony. Of course, we will be inspired in advance with your own pictures and ideas.

Do you have a property and are planning a “freshen-up”? A hall should be filled with life and ideas. Do you want to get the maximum out of just a few square meters? Give me a sheet of paper and a pencil; I'll show you the options. #hotelfritz