Real Estate

Residential & commercial

Do you need help selling or buying, renting or renting land, apartments, houses or commercial properties? We help you: Research work, acquisition, administrative tasks, customer advice, visits, negotiations or advertising measures. We serve as a direct link between real estate buyer and seller or tenant and landlord. We can support with:

  • Plots - Land
  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Commercial real estate

Real Estate inquiries are handled by: Mrs. Valerie S. Lenz (Diploma Bankkauffrau & certified real estate agent) Email: immo@hotelfritz.com

We have a network in the real estate sector and can map various areas of responsibility with regarding to real estate:

  • Admission interview real estate owner
  • Appraisal of the property to be sold
  • Determination of sales prices
  • Examination of the development plan
  • Zoning plan
  • Clarification of restrictions / burdens
  • Creation of a meaningful synopsis
  • Development of real estate facts based on floor plans
  • Summary of the detailed information (excerpt from the land register, energy certificate, development plan, site plan, etc.)
  • Object recordings (photos or video)
  • Develop a sales strategy
  • Creation of advertisements (print and digital)
  • Marketing concept for your property
  • Placing your project online on various real estate portals
  • Conducting sales negotiations
  • Press activities
  • Involvement of an building expert (on request)
  • Conducting viewing appointments