Fake Hotels – Real Hotels

Hotel Management und Qualität

The book "The difference between FAKE HOTELS & REAL HOTELS" is about finding out the difference between fake hotel concepts and real hotel concepts. You will find over 120 tips, pictures, quotes, and statements of what a REAL HOTEL is all about and how it is managed, and what it really takes to manage a REAL HOTEL. In the book, hotel differences between FAKE HOTELS & REAL HOTELS are described, hotel concepts are examined, and some hotel departments are also presented.

The book has been graphically created and developed to present the content in a very understanding way. This book is designed for hotels, hotel guests (travelers) and hotel developers. But above all to motivate, inspire and encourage REAL HOTELS to keep up the good work. And also, to help FAKE HOTELS and give wisdom to those who seek understanding. It was designed to help you compare hotels and help you understand different hotel concepts.

The Hotel Test Barometer FAKE HOTEL vs REAL HOTEL: In this book, you will find over 120 questions so you can test any hotel and check for yourself if it is a REAL HOTEL or a FAKE HOTEL. After answering the questions and giving points, the Hotel Test Barometer will tell you if the hotel is a FAKE HOTEL or a REAL HOTEL according to your personal point of view. And that is what really counts. The information is based on the hospitality general manager experience and hotel consultant background of the author, Johannes Fritz Groebler.

These topics apply to almost any other industry. If you want to learn how to manage and successfully run a hotel or any other business with passion, this is how. Sprache: English

ISBN 978-3-9822983-0-6 / eBook PDF (6,90 EUR)
ISBN 978-3-9822983-1-3 / Kindle eBook (6,90 EUR)
ISBN 978-3-9822983-2-0 / Print Edition (9,90 EUR)