E-Mail Signatures

Smart Hotel Marketing

Email signatures are more often observed than expected. And let's be honest, how many emails do we send and receive each day? Lots. We send hundreds and often see a lot of signatures. We see what many companies, hotels, restaurants, and event locations are doing right and what many could do better. Messages could be conveyed in signatures. It doesn't have to be advertising; it could also be a company message or an advertising slogan. In the hotel, catering, and event industries, we have many options and ideas on how we can improve our reach through the use of signatures. I will create a suitable design for your signatures. Whether slogan, picture, or link. I always recommend changing a signature at least four times a year. Be it with pictures, an offer, a slogan, or an advertising message. Use your signatures to generate more sales. I will help you and provide suitable ideas. #hotelfritz