Hotel Jesus Christo

Shalom - and welcome to the Hotel Jesus Christo

As a hotel developer and director, I asked myself how can I be a greater blessing to others in these challenging times and how can I inspire and help others through my hospitality and hotel network? Unfortunately, we had to close our hotels and restaurants during the crisis (CVD19 since 2020). All of the fun we used to have of enjoying good service, welcoming friends, eating, traveling, and partying was suddenly over. This is where the “Hotel Jesus Christo” idea was born. Imagine a hotel filled with the word of God - words of wisdom and hope. Each hotel room (page in the book) has its own story and theme. You will find rooms filled with Light,, des Peace,, der Love,, des Hope,, der Wisdom and much more. Each subject is linked to a Bible verse. For example, hotel room #10 tells us:

The wise see danger ahead and avoid it, but fools keep going and get into trouble.
Proverbs 22:3

or check out Hotel Room #91:

A party gives laughter, wine gives happiness.
Ecclesiastes 10:19

My goal with this little book of Bible verses is to inspire and motivate.If you find one Bible verse that speaks to you – and if it only reaches one person – the making of this little book was worth it. Have fun with it and God bless you. (E-Book language: English & German)

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