In real life Hotels

www.irlhotels.com / www.irlhotel.com The word “Fake” had its boom during the regime of the Donald Trump administration. It was very often used to sensor “Fake News”. Which means: not true or real. I use the same word to separate Fake Hotels from Real Hotels. I wrote and created the book Fake Hotels vs Real Hotels 2020 and it includes over 100 Tips of what makes a real hotel successful, unique and what really makes the difference between a fake hotel and real hotel concept.

That´s what motivated me in reserving the domains “in real life” Hotels. In Real Life Hotels means for us that it is an authentic and real hotel concept. As a hotel consultant and hotel general manager I know that there are a lot of fake hotels out there. Are you interested in developing a “in real life” Hotel? Please contact me: hello@hotelfritz.com

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