Crypto Hotel

First NFT Hotel 100% in Blockchain

Welcome to the Crypto Hotel

The Crypto Hotel is the world´s first NFT Hotel. Our vision was to create the very first hotel which is 100% in the blockchain – and that’s what we did. We believe blockchain and crypto are the future – this is what inspires and motivates us to keep creating and developing this unique project. There is no other hotel in the world that is comparable to the Crypto Hotel. The “Crypto Hotel” is probably the trendiest hotel out there at this very moment. Because this hotel is digital, you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime you like. Join and follow the growing crypto hotel community  Twitter

About the Crypto Hotel  

The Crypto Hotel is an urban hideaway where modern luxury meets tech. It enjoys a reputation for design, tech, service, and excellence. Perched overlooking spectacular white sand, turquoise waters, and Crypto City, the Crypto Hotel boasts a timeless design, unique experiences, and legendary service, making every guest feel like a star.Like all legends, the Crypto Hotel never sleeps. Concerts, exhibitions, culinary events, parties, yoga, and lots more are taking place here. A cosmopolitan and „tech-way-of-life“ meets the old-world hospitality glamour at Crypto Hotel.

The hotel has 100 rooms, including executive rooms and suites. The hotel is near to Crypto City, the Crypto Forrest, and Crypto Mountain. Looking out of the hotel rooms, you will enjoy a great view over the open sea, the beach, the pool area, and the Crypto golf course. The Crypto Hotel has several restaurants, bars, casinos, theater, wellness spaces, spas, a lobby, and meeting and conference spaces where the annual Crypto conference is held (what a coincidence). There is a Crypto Farm and a Crypto Garden for individual hotel supply. Energy is won by solar panels and wind craft in the Crypto Hotel. The environment is very important in the new Crypto and blockchain world. We don’t want to give too many details away at this point, but we do want to welcome you to enjoy the very first NFT Crypto Hotel – 100% in the blockchain. Step inside to a world of design, elegance, tech, and colors. The Crypto Hotel is waiting to be discovered.


Step into a room that blurs the lines between dreams, reality, and digital tech services. A wonderland of color, glamour, and comfort that expands the imagination and cradles the spirit, soul, and mind. Unwind and recharge in our spacious rooms and suites. Let the creative interiors and services inspire and energize you with picture-perfect sunset views of the ocean or the bay. Enjoy stunning sunset views of the Crypto Ocean and Crypto City from our Ocean view rooms.  The elegantly appointed guestrooms offer wooden floors, unique design, king beds, a choice of luxurious pillows, living room area, sitting area with sofa, multi-bar (not a minibar), working station, dinner table, custom wood furnishings, walk-in closets, a marble bathroom, a walk-in shower, bathtub, and exclusive amenities. The hotel’s namesake suites are masterpieces of indoor/outdoor Crypto Beach living. Guests of all Crypto Hotel Suites enjoy signature Crypto Hotel Butler service, 24-hour concierge, and individual tech features.


The Crypto Hotel has a very fine selection of first-rated restaurants. Choose among several a la carte restaurants, helmed by a team of master chefs – enjoy innovative European cuisine, Asian fusion Food, the Gourmet Restaurant, or juicy steaks at the Crypto Beef Grill Club. From seasonally inspired menus to dining experiences that will satisfy any craving, check out what the Crypto Hotels chefs are preparing just for you.


Life is full of Temptations, and so are the Bars, Lounges, Cafes, Clubs, and Casinos in the Crypto Hotel. The Hotel is home to some of the best cocktails – in the world. At Crypto Hotel, cocktails are crafted by the world’s best and most creative bartenders. The Crypto Hotel Bar Team offers guests and locals unforgettable bar experiences. All Bars are inspired by music, a signature sound that is intriguing, upbeat, and electronic mixed by different DJs every night at the Crypto Hotels bars & lounges.


There is always something going on in the Crypto Hotel: Theater, Live Shows, Entertainment, or Nightlife in one of the clubs or casinos. Experience the best of live music or entertainment, where local artists, bands & DJs perform original songs & inspired arrangements.

Meetings, Business Center & Events 

The Crypto Hotel offers a Stage for unforgettable events. An ideal choice for business travelers, the Hotel Business Center boasts modern offices and Coworking Spaces.  The rooms were designed to accommodate both corporate meetings and more elaborate celebrations and functions, as showrooms, room service, translators, innovations, among others. The Business Center is equipped with the latest-generation computers, tech, a 3d printer, laptops, video conferencing, and other high-tech amenities and innovations. There is on-site technical support and exceptional service; all the details are taken care of. The Crypto Hotel brings luxury, exclusivity, and style to your business or private event. From an intimate gathering to a grand event, the Crypto Hotel is the ideal venue for your meeting or celebration.

Wellness, Spa & Fitness

Signature Tailor-Made Experiences at the Crypto Hotel. At Crypto Hotel, Crypto City’s restless beat fades into the background as you sink into the gentle rhythm of relaxation. Choose from a range of tempting rituals using aromatic essential oils and soothing raw ingredients. You will be treated to pamper perfection at the best luxury spa ever. Ancient healing rituals worldwide meet modern wellness techniques, creating a holistic experience that revives and rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul. The Crypto Hotel’s Spa & Wellness area is specially designed to meet the needs of each guest.

Pool & Beach

Enjoy the oceanfront swimming pool with direct beach access. Sunbathe, swim, and socialize at the Crypto Hotel swimming pool. Pool attendants will be on hand throughout the day (and night) to cater to your every request. Relax on the stylish pool furniture or order cocktails and tapas from the Pool Bar menu. Let your worries wash away with the tide at Crypto Beach, where hotel guests can enjoy an array of luxe amenities as the sun shines down on our signature Crypto Hotel umbrellas. Situated on over 200,000 square feet of pristine sugar-white sand, Crypto Hotel Pool & Beach offers the perfect settings for sunbathing, outdoor activities, and ultimate relaxation. It is impossible not to be carried away by the magic of it all. Be Our Guest and Enjoy a slice of paradise at the Crypto Hotel with a stunning Crypto Coast view overlooking the endless blue of the ocean.

The next steps

We will soon release the first NFTs of the first Crypto Hotel. Following this, we plan to release more unique digital pieces of art, such as hotel rooms, individual guests, the restaurant, the lobby, the pool area, and some spots around the hotel like the farm, the beach, and pool area. We will also present some unique experiences in and around the Crypto Hotel. Most of the digital art pieces will be unique “one-of-a-kind” pieces, but not all.

The guests staying in the Crypto Hotel

The hotel guests staying in the Crypto Hotel are very individual personalities. They are original. If we had to describe the hotel guests in a few words, they would be creative, unique, always having fun, entertaining, networkers, and love innovation. All the hotel guests appreciate hospitality quality, a high level of service, and respect for the environment. That is why they are staying at the Crypto Hotel.

Who is welcome in the Crypto Hotel?

Everybody. We want to welcome everybody to join our community and become a part of Crypto Hotels. Especially those who appreciate unique digital art, innovation, good hotels, and traveling. We most of all want to welcome those who are new to Crypto Land.

Can I become a Crypto Hotel shareholder?

Anybody who has a digital wallet and can place a bid for our pieces of NFT art can become an owner of the first digital NFT Hotel, which is 100% in the blockchain – the Crypto Hotel. This is innovation, and this will be limited. The more pieces of digital art you own, the more you will own of the Crypto Hotel – the very first NFT Crypto Hotel. Anybody around the world can see and check at any time who the owner is – it is all in the blockchain. Anywhere and anytime.

How can I participate and become a part of the Crypto Hotels community?

We will soon inform our community where we will be offering the possibility to participate in this unique project. We will soon release the first NFTs of the Crypto Hotel.

Are there physical NFT art pieces?

We are planning to present the NFT art pieces in several spots around the world. There will always be a QR Code link showing who the real owner is and who created it. The real and only owner is the person who owns the digital NFT rights.

When was Crypto Hotels created?

We have been following the blockchain and Crypto market for years now. In February 2018, during an event in Baden-Baden Germany — after having a long conversation with a business partner — we were convinced to invest more time studying the Crypto World. In 2019, blockchain was one of our main topics during the Unycu annual meeting with members and business partners in Mannheim, Germany. 2020 was a year of change. Most of our hotels, restaurants and hospitality partners had to close due to the Covid-19 Virus legal regulations. This is the time when “Crypto Hotels” was created, and this unique digital art project was born. We are happy to now share it with others.

Who created the Crypto Hotel?

The founder, Johannes Fritz Groebler — winner of the German Design Award Special Mention (2019) and the Creativity Awards (Gold). Designer of “THE SMALLEST HOTEL BOOK IN THE WORLD” and creator of “FAKE HOTELS”. All the artwork is created in abstract forms and presented with pixels or spots. It is the simplicity, the minimalism, and the colors of the pixels that are so alluring. It is a matter of nostalgia – it has a form of culture that we really respect.

Background of the Crypto Hotel creator?

Johannes Fritz Groebler is a “Hotelized” hotel general manager, book author, and artist who is magnetized and hypnotized by hotels, restaurants, cafés, clubs, parties, hospitality, foods, beverages, and traveling. He has traveled the world and been to Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and has a real passion for hospitality. The most fascinating things that inspire him during traveling are the colors, culture, and design. This is exactly what the Hotel Fritz .com world is all about. We at create, market, and develop unique, one-of-a-kind, and individual hotels and places. In the few last decades, we have worked on creating several hotel concepts and running hotels and properties successfully.

What makes the Crypto Hotel’s NFTs so special?

The Crypto Hotel’s NFTs are special because it’s unique, limited, and the very first hotel to be 100% in the blockchain. It is an innovative project, and we are proud to present it and share it with others. The Crypto Hotel’s NFTs ownership can be verified anytime and anywhere. That is what makes this project so special.

What does the future of Crypto Hotels look like?

We are rolling this project out as an NFT project. The first NFT Hotel 100% in the blockchain. There are hundreds of further ideas and visions, and there seems to be no limit to what is possible. We love trying out new things and going new ways, so who knows what is coming next. We believe the “old way” of doing things is now over – especially in the hotel industry. A wake-up call was desperately needed in the hotel industry. We hope and do believe that things will now change in a new direction. It is a very exciting time to be alive, creating, and developing.