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I am a passionate Hotel General Manager and have been working in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. If there is one thing I really understand and am in expert in, its Hotels and the hospitality industry. I have worked with, I have worked for, and I have work in hundreds of hotels. Most of them were Boutique Hotels, Design Hotels, Luxury Hotels or Lifestyle Hotels.

Since 2014, studding and learning more about blockchain, the changing world and the future, I have been very interested and curious about blockchain and the entire crypto market. The thing that fascinates me is the opportunities and the very creative and innovative crypto community. At the beginning I listened to some podcasts, then I bought some books and magazines. Then I visited some events and did some networking. And finally I visited a crypto academy to learn all about this fascinating technology.

2014, I founded a network of Hotels while working on several hospitality projects in Germany. The focus was to form a network of like-minded hotels with creative people to unite and promote individual hotels, brands, and concepts. What started with just three like-minded individual hotel properties, grew to over 30 Hotels and destinations in Europe and South America. 2019 after winning the German Design Award – special mention and Creativity Award for the concept and idea, I focused on future trends like: Social Communication, China and Blockchain. The strategy turned out to be right: 2020/2021 I created the first Crypto Hotel in Blockchain.

My vision and mission is to merge (melt) the hospitality industry with crypto. And that is exactly what inspires and motivates me. It all started with the Crypto Hotel and is now moving further on. Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs and the entire creative and very innovative crypto community convinced and really fascinates me. I am happy to be part of it and to participate. If there is anything I can do for you? Or you have an inspiration or idea for me? Please let me know and get in contact with me here crypto@hotelfritz.com 

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