Zukunft (nach Corona?)

Are you ready for it?

The Covid-19 crisis hit the hotel and catering industry particularly hard. The effects of the pandemic will also be felt in the long term. It is now a matter of preparing for the future in order to find a way out of the crisis and successfully tackle new challenges. With a strong partner at your side who has many years of expertise in the hotel industry, you will be able to emerge stronger from the crisis and look to the future with optimism.

Is your company and concept well positioned for the future? I optimize work processes, profitability (income/expenses), personnel lists, sales, marketing and creative concepts for the hotel and catering industry. I will help you with your current challenges and support you with:

Hotelkonzeption, Hotelverkauf, Betreiberwechsel, Investorensuche, Stärken-/Schwächenanalyse, Hotel- und Gastronomiekonzepte, Change-Management, Management Verträge, Betreiberakquisition, Interimsmanagement, Vertragsverhandlungen bei laufenden Betrieben, Beratung bei Investitionsentscheidungen, Businesspläne, Hotelanalysen, Budget-Erstellung und Auswertung, Vertrieb und Marketing und vieles mehr. Hotelberatung – Johannes Fritz Groebler #hotelfritz

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