Hotelkonzepte | Professionelles Hotelmanagement & Hotelberatung
Hotelkonzepte | Professionelles Hotelmanagement & Hotelberatung
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Hotelkonzepte | Professionelles Hotelmanagement & Hotelberatung

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Johannes Fritz Groebler

My name is Johannes Fritz Groebler and I am specialized in providing you with comprehensive, professional and reliable advice in the field of hotel and hospitality management. Even if you want advice in the field of gastronomy, restaurants, bars, clubs and catering, I am at your side.

My experiences as a hotel consultant

I was enthusiastic about the hotel and catering industry from a very early age. That's why I started working in this field while I was still at school. Of course, it made sense that I completed my training in the hotel industry. I was trained as a hotel specialist at the Senator Hotel in Lübeck (5* Stars). After the apprenticeship, I was particularly interested in the areas of marketing, distribution and sales in the hotel. I was also very interested in the working with different hotel concepts. I worked as Hotel Sales & Marketing Manager and ended up in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, where I worked as Director of Business Development in the EAST Hotel and Restaurant. Further positions as hotel manager, hotel director and managing director in first-class hotels followed. Due to this extensive experience, which I have gained over decades, I now offer consulting services in hotel management and gastronomy. The creation of individual hotel concepts is also part of my portfolio.

Professional hotel management in all areas

In the field of professional hotel management, I focus on different areas. As a hotel consultant, I will consult the basics of successful hotel management, even in times of crisis, for example the crisis in 2008, 2020 or 2022. The first step is to look at the existing hotel concept. I analyze this carefully and adapt it to the current circumstances. I also check whether it is suitable for promising future success. My offers include the optimization of work processes, profitability in general, marketing and sales and human resource management. From this knowledge I can then create a very individual and successful hotel concept for you. Since I know all the processes in a hotel, my work here is primarily practice-oriented, which promises the greatest success. I always look at the respective house as a whole and not just the individual areas. Therefore, I can advise you optimally with regard to hotel concepts and show you the right path for you. Either we change the current way of working together or create a plan to put the house on a successful path. If you are planning to open a new hotel but do not know how to create professional hotel concepts, you can also contact me and I will help you. Especially now in the time of the pandemic, a change can also help you to work successfully again.

Advice for the gastronomic sector

A good gastronomic offer is part of every hotel. As a hotel consultant, I naturally don't ignore this segment of a hotel. Eating and drinking are among the basic human needs and must also be considered in the individual hotel concepts. In order to be successful in the gastronomic sector as well, it is important to pay attention to essential points. On the one hand, it must be considered for the respective property where the gastronomy can be accommodated, and it must also be considered which dishes and drinks are to be offered at all. Opening hours, the booking system, the individual concept, cost planning, campaigns, sales analyses, supplier selection and storage, controlling and personnel planning are also important when setting up a restaurant. Here I can also advise you professionally on all points and create individual concepts for you. The basic question is always in the foreground: How can a perfect gastronomic experience be created for the guest? However, you always have to keep the economy in mind. Here it is advisable to draw up a business plan with all the necessary key figures in advance.

Further services as a hotel consultant

If it is not about the creation or expansion of hotel concepts, I will also support you as a hotel consultant in general hotel management. My services include, among other things, the planning of personnel deployments, such as the creation of vacation plans, duty rosters, job advertisements, and the promotion of personnel development. Together with my team, I would be happy to evaluate applications, determine efficiency, and personnel costs. When it comes to hotel investments such as the sale and purchase of new real estate or the operator search and change of operator, I will also be at your side and support you individually. I can also help you work successfully with hotel renovations and hotel extensions. My services in the area of hotel management include individual interim management, turnaround management, and reporting as well as the analysis and preparation of budgets. If you are planning a pre-opening, I can assist you in this area with the operational and administrative support of this opening. Sales and marketing are also my strengths. As a hotel consultant, my tasks include the evaluation and improvement of the individual sales channels, the creation of individual target groups, and a sales plan. I also offer you the development of a marketing strategy and brand analysis, as well as the creation of complete marketing activities such as advertising, website, advertisements, promotions, and more. In addition, I support you in developing the right and worthwhile price structure for your house.

Hotel consultant with passion

I always work 100% from practice. This is where my passion is; from the beginning of my professional career to this day, I have worked in various areas of the hotel and catering industry and therefore know all departments from both theory and practice from the bottom up - administrative and operational. In addition, I am creative and can get involved in all hotel concepts and projects individually and always find the right solutions. My job is not just my job - it's a calling for me. I love what I do and approach every single project with passion in order to always get the best out of my clients. As a hotel consultant, it is of course also important to have the relevant knowledge.

Johannes Fritz Groebler - your hotel consultant


How can I help you?

Email: hello@hotelfritz.com

Phone: 0049 162 851 6036

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